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parti pomeranian

This site is a showcase for the Dochlaggie Parti Colored Pomeranians. I hope you enjoy this journey into the world of Parti Pomeranians.

Particolored  Pomeranians are the Mensa candidates of the Pomeranian World.  If you have owned a parti color Pomeranian you will never want any another colour Pomeranian to share your life. I probably should have reworded that statement to read- if you have ever been owned by a Parti Pomeranian!

 A Parti Pomeranian seems to have extra intelligence and get up and go”.

 Dochlaggie  started  in Parti Colors by purchasing a parti colour female from another breeder here in Australia.The original intention was to use this parti girl in the Dochlaggie  white breeding program.

parti pomeranian I have not made up mind  as yet whether this is the way to go. The whites from the parti colors, are still a parti Pomeranian even if you cannot see the parti patches as they are so small and the dog looks to be white in appearance.

Once the parti gene is in the white Pomeranians I may not be able to remove it and I have observed that the parti gene does not always display itself as expected.

I have been working at trying to produce quality Parti Colors and keeping the parties separate from my other colored Pomeranians. To this goal I have been outcrossing to the quality oranges I own, to improve type in the parties and every second generation going back to the parties to keep the parti color.

Parti Colors are so much easier to make progress with than the whites.

I hope you enjoy your visit to PartiPomeranian.Com.